March Artist of the Month

Each month we highlight an artist that we represent. Touching upon their technique, approach, and style we focus on their unique abilities. Our goal is to promote local talent and to highlight diversity the artists we represent.

We would like to introduce you to our March Featured Artist Carlisle.


Artist’s Statement

I am an abstract painter. Simply said, I paint what i feel not what I see. It needs to be raw, never before seen, and completely original in thought. When looking at something for the very first time, as is the case with abstract art, we get to add body to our cognitive, visual and emotional collection. “Abstract creates an experience never before seen and never to be seen the same again.”

Carlisle has lived in Utah, Arizona and New York. She studied art at the University of Utah and Parson’s School of Design. She takes enormous pleasure in traveling, being able to take personal part in other peoples lives and their cultures, spend time in as many museums as possible and to simply absorb as much as she can that is out there… increasing her appreciation and passion for all of art.