The 24×24 Exhibit

Todd Tanner with FOX 13 News covers our 24×24 Exhibit here check it out!

The concept behind the “24×24” exhibition was to select twenty four photographers based in Utah to take one photograph on New Year’s Day on a designated hour. This exhibition consists of 24 photographs, one by each of the 24 selected artists that showcase a photograph taken on each hour of the first day in the New Year. Reflecting on a new beginning and a New Year we wanted to bring together local talent and highlight the differences in styles and the variety in subject matter shot all on the first day of the New Year. To view the images in the exhibition please click on the artists’ name…

Kelly Green
Bob Plumb
Zoë Rodriguez
Laura Ferguson
Cat Palmer
Trish Empey
Gerry Johnson
Jeff Clay
Tom Thompson
Zuzanna Audette
Jillian Cameron
Amanda Moore
Spencer Davis
Simon Blundell
Drake Busath
Cris Baczeck
Céline Downen
Robert Hall
Michael Slade
Dave Brewer
Ann Torrence
Shalee Cooper
Renee Keith
Anne Cummings-Anderson