2 PM Drake Busath

Drake Busath

Drake is the owner of Busath Studio and Gardens on historic South Temple.  He is known world-wide for his classic portraiture of family, children and corporate subjects.

His personal work tends to be slightly abstract, dense in color and texture. He prefers close, intimate views of ordinary subjects.

Collections called Winter Garden, Intimate Italy, and Inside-Out (views into storefront windows around the world) have been exhibited recently at Loge Gallery and Pickett Fairbanks Gallery.

Drake guides Italy Workshops, an annual photographic village-tour in Italy, now in its 13th year.   Hundreds of photographers have joined Drake for what he calls a “personal renaissance” in Tuscany, Umbria, Liguria and Veneto regions of Italy.  This year the workshop will expand south to the Amalfi Coast and to Puglia.

He has presented seminars in 8 countries, from Asia and Australia to Europe and in most U.S. states. He’s a frequent speaker at Imaging USA and was featured three times on the cover of Professional Photographer magazine, the world’s largest trade organization for photographers.  He holds Masters and Craftsman Degrees from Professional Photographers of America.  Drake is a charter member of XXV, a society of 25 international photographers.

He and his wife Liz live in Holladay, Utah.

Hour: 2 PM
Title: Winter Garden #78
Process: Hand Textured Inkjet Print on Rag
Price: $475