3 PM Cris Baczeck

Cris Baczeck

Christine Baczek is a photographer and artist based in Salt Lake City, Utah. In addition to Utah she has lived and studied in Chile, Italy, Chicago, and Santa Fe, returning in 2006 to Utah where she finds the most inspiration for her work. Her research and practice focus on analog and alternative photographic processes like cyanotype, platinum/palladium, chromosekdasic Sabbatier, film, etc. She uses this expertise in historical photographic processes to address ideas of time, perceptions of documentation, and the process of observation. She continues to utilize Utah’s landscape and history in her work, and she is currently the photographer for the Utah Museum of Fine Arts.

Represented by Nox Contemporary, Salt Lake City, Utah

Hour: 3 PM
Title: 3:00 in Oxford, in Salt Lake City
Process: C-Print, two rolls of film (combined), Pentax 35mm
Price: $550