6 AM Gerry Johnson

Gerry Johnson

Educated as a Chemical Engineer, Gerry has found photography to be the vehicle for expressing the creative needs inside of him. He has been photographing for many years, but creatively only for the last 4 years.  The drive to “capture the moments of beauty that surround us” continues to support his work as he moves from the large, dramatic views to the more intimate, people, landscapes and things that are part of our ordinary, every day life. Seeing and attempting to capture the moments of beauty in everyday things is an ongoing part of his photographic expression.

Acknowledgements have included awards of merit at both the 87th Annual Spring Salon (Springville Museum of Fine Arts) and the 2011 Hogle World of Wild Art show, along with acceptance in several juried shows. Additional work can be seen at www.gerryjohnsonphotography.com as well as his day to day work on capturing the beauty around us at gerryjohnson.blogspot.com.

Hour: 6 AM
Title: “Morning Has Broken”
Process: Nikon D300 DSLR, 18-200mm lens; printed with archival quality ink on archival lustre paper
Price: $425 (SOLD)