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Featured Framer: Ella Atherly

The final reveal of your art piece in its new frame is the most rewarding step in the custom framing process, but what about the loving hands that framed it?! Our framers are integral to that process at Alpine Art and we want to introduce you to the people who are as crazy about your pieces as you are. Our featured framer today is Ella Atherley.

Ella has been with Alpine for just over 5 years.  Her specialty is large pieces- and we mean LARGE. You will find the biggest of rugs, textiles and art, on her framing table, and she sews with incredible speed. Ella is like the fairy godmother of framing. Within days, she has your prized piece fit with perfection into a frame that’s usually the size of her desk. Ella has the amazing ability to take on difficult projects with confidence and kindness. She is always willing to help and comes up with creative solutions to some framing predicaments. Her energy and positivity go for miles and it is the same care she takes with framing art.

Ella has a creative personality and in her free time she makes bracelets, tinkers in her garden or home, and adores her fur babies.  Ella has an affinity for rescuing animals, one that she shares with her partner Tom. The couple is crazy about their fur babies! Their love of animals is evident in their framed collage wall of cats!! Come in and say hi! Ella would be happy to meet you!


Gallery Stroll 20/20 Vision of Art


Participating Artists:

Anne Becker | Brandt Berntson | Mark Crenshaw | Gisele Dasilva | Samantha DaSilva | Cassandria Parsons | Julie Dunker | Matt Green | Lucia Heffernan | Ashley Hind | Stephanie Hock | Susan N. Jarvis | Rick Kennington | Marilyn Read | Brad Teare | Mirium Tribe | Connor Wilde-Mathie | Margaret Willis | Anne Wolfer | Angela Woods

20/20 will feature 20 artworks by 20 selected artists with various styles and techniques.

Eugene Tapahe – UNITY OF LIGHT

Alpine Art & Frame, Salt Lake City– Artist Discussion Thursday, Jan. 16th and Opening Reception Friday for Gallery Stroll

Unity of Light is a collection of images captured by Eugene Tapahe in the last six years as a fine art landscape photographer. During Tapahe’s early years of life on the Navajo reservation, he lived off the land with his grandma and practiced the traditional ways of their ancestors. Tapahe learned at an early age the importance of respecting, preserving and protecting that which is sacred—the land, water and nature.

Tapahe has united this love for nature and culture with his photography to create unique images of life. On Tapahe’s photo excursions he has expressed, “Life and nature is always changing. It never sits still. The light, the dark, and the composition of nature is always moving. It’s alive! It takes patience, diligence and my whole heart to capture what nature is composing.”

Throughout Tapahe’s life he has witnessed the darkest of days, felt the darkest of nights, but through all this adversity, he continues to seek the balance of light and dark…to ultimately find that unity of light.

Tapahe invites you to come feel the beauty of the Southwest through his eyes, heart, and spirit.


Who:  Eugene Taphae

What:  Unity of Light

When: Artist Discussion: Thursday, Jan. 16th 7:30 PM & Gallery Stroll: Friday, Jan 17th 6-9 PM

Where: Alpine Art & Frame, 430 E South Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84111