THE GOOD LIFE – Gallery Stroll

The Good Life is an exhibition about the exploration of all that gives us joy and satisfaction. Featuring the works of David Estes and Anthony Ithurralde, this collection of work is a visual representation of both the small things, the places and the events that depict the finer things of life, love, and celebration.

This exhibition whimsically and nostalgically takes the viewer through a spectrum of emotions that evoke joy, playfulness, and inspiration.



Show will hang until November 22nd, 2019.


We can frame just about anything–I’m not kidding. Some of our projects have included a frog skeleton, glass eyes, vintage hair brushes, and car parts, to name a few. We are always up to the challenge of constructing a customized display for your valuable keepsakes. Shadow Boxes are a great way to display your  memorabilia or precious keepsakes. We can create a custom frame that will beautifully display your collection of coins, medals, accessories, shells or photos in an enclosed glass top case. We recently finished framing a vintage fan with a small brass clutch. Framing for over 20 years, Brande LaCasse enjoyed working on the project. “I love that our customers bring in their cherished items, and we are given the opportunity to preserve and display these precious mementos in a caring and timeless way.”

What precious trinket can we frame for you?