Don Miskin

Don was raised in northern Utah and received a Bachelors in Art from Weber State University in 1978. After 30 years in northern California designing and sales of three-dimensional displays, he returned to northern Utah and began to pursue painting full time. He has always been inspired by the western landscape and finds a great deal of inspiration in the land, and the people that make it unique.

“I work primarily in oils. My goal is to reflect authenticity and insight into my subject. The subtle earth tones and changing light which occurs in landscape continue to fascinate me. I seek a simplification of the visual characteristics and hope the viewer finds a resonance of truth and honesty in my interpretation.”

This body of work was done during the last six months. My focus was to capture the emotion I felt when I looked at the scene, using painterly realism. My painting may lean towards impressionism, but my attempt is always to capture the essence with a realistic approach.

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